We help your Digital Transformation from Asia

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation (DX) refers to integrating digital technology to achieve organizational growth.

Applying digital technology increases business process efficiency, manages workflows, and boosts employee productivity.

It is a strategy of enabling business innovation predicated on the incorporation of digital technologies into your operational process, products, solutions, and customer interactions.

Our Services

DX Support

We provide training for people who are not computer experts, such as office workers who are not system engineers, enabling them to create the design documents necessary for the system development.

CRM / ERP System Development

With a thorough analysis of a company's workflow, we develop an amplified system from the existing complexity of processes.

We train and involve your staff in creating the data needed for Digital Transformation

How do we build a team to make digital transformation possible for your company?

We encourage our clients to analyze and document their workflows. In many projects, system engineers create specifications. However, since the programmer is not familiar with the customer's business, he/she may create an incorrect specification. As a result, the need for revisions increases after the system is created, delaying the delivery date, and in the worst case, the project itself may be canceled.

In fact, it is better for the customer to analyze their own workflow and create a specification document. Of course, many of our customers are not familiar with the system, so our engineers always check the consistency.

Don't worry if you don't know how to analyze workflows and create specifications. We offer training for that.

Offshore custom software development

Why the Japanese call a website as homepage?

There is a story about why the Japanese call a website a homepage. Japanese asked an engineer and pointed to the screen "What is this?". Engineers see the first page of their company's website on the computer. Then he answered, "This is a homepage". So most Japanese call a website a homepage. If you think this is a fun story, we surely can be a team!

Offshore Software Development in Asia

We have established a system for system development in Japan, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Mainly management is in Japan, system development in Sri Lanka, and DX training in the Philippines.

Are you worried about the language barrier?

English is a second language for us. Certainly, there are times when communication is not as smooth as communication between native speakers. Therefore, we use the process of having the customer create a specification, and we create software based on that specification.

Timezone difference can be an advantage!

Communication is crucial during the testing phase. We have a system for listing customer requests and sharing the progress.

During the day, customers submit their requests on the list. Then we work on it in the middle of the night and report every progress. Imagine your request is reflected in the system the next day. That's how fast we work.

What makes Japanese Business Culture Special?

Known to many, Japanese people are naturally hardworking and dedicated. It is already engraved in our culture.

In general, Japanese business people are known for their punctuality, attention to detail, and focus on continuous improvement. These qualities can be helpful in building and maintaining successful businesses. Additionally, Japan has a well-developed economy and a strong business infrastructure, which can support the success of businesses operating within the country.

We use the original framework and prepared a cloud service

We use the original framework. If you don't want to place the system on our cloud, it can still work on your server linux.

- Web Server : Apache
- OS : Linux Ubuntu
- Location : Japan
- Cloud : Sakura cloud / Sakura Internet

- Language : PHP 7
- Template Engine : Smarty
- Database : Fixed Length File (Non SQL)

Offshore Custom Software Development

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