The reason why we started DX Support

According to statistics, the success rate of system development is said to be 30% on average. This means that about 70% of projects are late, lack expected features, or exceeded budget.

For a long time, people involved in system development thought that only system engineers could create specifications. We realized that there is a big problem here.

The main causes of late delivery, over budget, and lack of functionality are strongly related to system engineers' lack of familiarity with the customer's business, especially the workflow. Many people think that this problem is due to a lack of communication, but even if there is sufficient communication, it is impossible for the system engineer to acquire more business knowledge than the customer's employees.

Our uniquely developed DX training greatly solves this problem. If the specification is created by the customer, it will be a specification that fully reflects the business knowledge. Of course, it is not perfect from a system point of view, but the business point of view is more important for the success rate of the project than the system point of view. This is because we know how the business will change in the customer's company, what kind of effect it will bring, and what kind of system will be necessary before introducing the system.

Most Companies make this mistake

What might happen if we ask someone outside the company to create a workflow for us?

In most cases, IT consultants and system engineers are in charge of building software. They may look "professional" and knowledgeable. The truth is, you know a lot better than anyone about running your business.

The only way others try to find out about your company's business is through a hearing. Hearing is just listening. Well, how much do you truly understand about a person or a company just by listening to them talk? Even I can hardly do it. The main thing IT consultants and system engineers know is how to write documents.

Who knows your company best?
It is you! That's why you should Take DX Training!