The Right Way to Do SALES: CEO True Story

Reading books can help improve one's knowledge and broaden perspective.

That was on my mind when I went to the book cafe and decided to read over 100 books about business. I have reached a point in my life, where I was so dedicated to building my own business. Don't get me wrong, I did not read them all in one day. "Rome wasn't built in a day". The experience was definitely life-changing.

Here are some important ideas I discovered throughout my exploration.

If you sell, the customers will not buy. People can easily say that you have a money motive. When you directly offer your services and pricing, customers may think you are doing it because you need the money and not to help them.

Hard selling is not the most effective way to gain more sales Pushing customers too much to buy your goods or services might irritate them, hence not making any sales at all.

Learn how to build relationships with potential customers First, get to know them and their business. Understand where your customer's problem is coming from. Make them feel like you are someone who genuinely wants to help their business.

A way to make customers buy without hating the salesperson. When we become salesy, the customers detect the desperation. They would end up avoiding you at all costs. Thinking that you are only after their money.

Attend gatherings/groups that would allow you to network with other businesses. Business cards are thought to be one of the most important aspects of Japanese business culture. Always have them handy. Get to know people's stories and listen to them.

Let me share another experience with one client of mine. I met him at an event. We casually talked and I heard he has a business. I asked him if I could pay their office or workplace a visit.

When I visited their office, I observed. Then I studied their workflow and found some issues therewith. Like missed calls, invoice mistakes, etc.

The thing is, I did not impose that problem on the business owner/representative. If I would be too upfront with them, they might negatively think of me. The worst is that they might think I am taking advantage of the situation.

What I did was be like a fortune-teller. I gave told them that I predict some issues would surface and would badly affect their business. I gave them my business card before leaving.

The businessman called me and said, " You were right!".

I was truly right!

This has been my method of closing sales for my business. A business built from a foundation of genuine help for thriving businesses. As of this very moment, I must say that I was able to talk to more than 8000 business owners or leaders. Most of the people I have made a connection with or an impression with called me back and asked for my help.

A lot of them considered me a good person for helping their businesses. I might say, that is somehow my goal from the very beginning. The sales part just follows.

Date published: 2023/03/09