Digital Transformation Success Story: How Sanjiao Acupuncture Lecture Course Reduced Labor Costs and Improved Learning Experience with an LMS

Digital Transformation for Businesses: Sanjiao Acupuncture Lecture Course Case Study

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, digital transformation has become a necessity for many businesses to keep up. Sanjiao Acupuncture Lecture Course faced a similar challenge when they had to find a way to reduce the number of personnel required to conduct their lectures. In this article, we will explore the struggles that the Sanjiao Acupuncture Lecture Course faced before starting the project, the solutions they tried before implementing their learning management system (LMS), and the experience they had while building their LMS.

Sanjiao Acupuncture Lecture Course's LMS Implementation

Before implementing their LMS, the Sanjiao Acupuncture Lecture Course had to pay at least 15 personnel to conduct their lectures for four consecutive days, which was a significant financial burden for the organization. However, after implementing the LMS, they were able to reduce the number of personnel required to only three. They no longer needed to find rooms for lectures or pay for them, either. Additionally, they only needed a single person to manage the process of collecting fees, which further reduced their labor costs.

The organization had tried to raise the entrance fee for the lecture to pay for staff, but it didn't provide a long-term solution for the organization. The decision to start the project was made when one of the members of the Board of Directors advised the organization to make a digital transformation in maintaining the Lecture Course of Sanjiao Acupuncture. Building the LMS was a challenging experience for the Sanjiao Acupuncture Lecture Course. Despite the initial challenges, they were able to successfully develop and implement their LMS.

Positive Impacts of the LMS Implementation

After the system was introduced, several different parts of the Sanjiao Acupuncture Lecture Course were improved. Firstly, there was a considerable reduction in supply expenses and labor costs. Secondly, there was no need to recruit new content for lectures for at least the next few years, which means there were no additional labor costs. Finally, the organization was able to make plans four times a year very efficiently and smoothly.

Feedback from the Students

The feedback received from students about their learning experience using the new system was overwhelmingly positive. Gold-QPD acupuncturists sent in voices of excellence in Sanjiao Acupuncture to treat patients with cognitive impairment, dementia, anxiety disorder, obsessive disorder, and/or depression. In particular, the Sanjiao Acupuncture treatment was found to alleviate sustained symptoms of long-COVID-19 to a considerable extent. Additionally, the organization was able to introduce acupuncturists with Sanjiao acupuncture techniques to anyone who wanted treatment for mental disturbances. They were also able to set up challenging programs to look forward to novel acupuncture therapy, especially in the field of treating autonomic nerve failure like long COVID-19.

In conclusion, Sanjiao Acupuncture Lecture Course was able to overcome significant challenges by implementing its LMS. The positive feedback they received from their students about their learning experience using the new system was a testament to the effectiveness of their digital transformation efforts.

Date published: 2023/03/21